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New member - Group Jansen - welcome!

We would like to thank Mr Hugo Hauben, Corporate Sales Manager, for his interest and strong enthusiasm for our network, and tell you more about our new member:

  • How would you describe your activities in brief?

Group Jansen is a unique construction group.
We work together with more than 700 colleagues, both at home and abroad, and excel in interior finishing and specialized techniques from A to Z.
To do this, we work with 3 pillars: our makers, our builders and our sustainers.

  • Our makers create our own innovative and sustainable products, for example, comfort climate ceilings, modular walls and prefab elements.
  • Our builders are specialized in diverse total projects, whether offices, commercial spaces, hospitals, clean rooms, hotels or historical buildings. We provide total solutions! Some examples include the 5-star plus Corinthia Hotel in Brussels, Vaccinopolis for the University of Antwerp and Hotel Van der Valk in Ghent.
  • Our sustainers excel in maintenance and repair of buildings large and small. For example, Axion, Kruidvat stores and BASF. 

We are not a traditional renovation and construction company

  • we always put people first and work from inside to outside
  • we always look for creative solutions for our clients, 
  • we work hard, but we can also laugh very hard, and 
  • we are mega fans of our female CEO, Nadia.

Together, we go full steam ahead with our international ambitions and realize unique, sustainable places to be every day.