About Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is situated in the heart of Europe and yet most people have only a vague idea of this small but notable country.

In contrast to its borders, the history of the Grand Duchy is long and eventful. Due to its location between several language areas, Luxembourg is a melting pot of European cultures.

Even if the neighboring countries of the Grand Duchy exercised a strong influence on the country, Luxembourg has always retained a sense of independence which is expressed in the country's motto "We wish to remain what we are" in the country-specific language, the Lëtzebuergesch.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the founding members of the European Union and the EU's administrative seat with institutions such as the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Auditors. Numerous international companies are based in Luxembourg and enjoy the short administrative paths and the central location of the country.

Luxembourg is a dynamic business location. This is particularly evident when one considers the economic changes of the country during the last century. The Grand Duchy transformed from an agricultural to an industrial state thanks to its iron ore deposits in the south of the country. The iron and steel industry shaped Luxembourg until the 1970s, when it eventually became a service center with a focus on financial services and related industries.

This did, however, not mean the end of traditional industry in Luxembourg. Even today thousands of people work in the iron and steel industry. The country is also active in the chemical and plastics industry, as well as in the construction of industrial machinery and the production and supply of glass, automotive parts and electrical engineering. In recent years, Luxembourg has also invested heavily in the expansion of the logistics center and in promoting future technologies such as ICT, biohealth and electromobility.

Luxembourg is the center of the Greater Region, a geopolitical region within Europe, created to promote economic, cultural, touristic and social development and cooperation. Luxembourg is also the largest employer in the region, which means 42% of the working population of Luxembourg commute across the borders each day.

The multilingualism, the varied landscapes and the high standard of living make the Grand Duchy an attractive place to live, which is reflected in a foreign population of 40%.

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