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New member - FIDENTIA Real Estate Investments - welcome!

We would like to thank Mr Louis de Halleux, Managing Director, for his interest and strong enthusiasm for our network, and tell you more about our new member:

  • How would you describe your activities in brief?

Fidentia Real Estate Investments SA (“Fidentia”) is a Brussels based Sustainable and Responsible real estate Investment ("SRI") fund manager. Fidentia is independent and owned by its partners.
Fidentia, with established offices in Belgium and Luxembourg, invests in order to create positive economic impact, long-term value and growth for its investors and the communities in which it works. 
By its activities and investments, Fidentia takes action to support several goals of the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals have been developed by the UN to ensure a better and more sustainable future by 2030. Among the 17 goals, Fidentia has a direct impact on the sustainable infrastructures (Goal 9), the sustainable cities (Goal 11), the sustainable consumption of energy (Goal 12), and indirectly on other such as renewable energy (Goal 7) or good jobs and economic growth (Goal 8).
For more than 10 years Fidentia, as an integrated provider and manager of property investments, has been offering end-to-end property investment solutions to its Belgian and international institutional investors.
Fidentia is recognized as a trustworthy and dependable partner.