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We would like to thank Ms Cecilia Sudo, CEO & founder, for her interest and strong enthusiasm for our network, and tell you more about our new member:

  • How would you describe your activities in brief?

Brussels Medical Prevention Center (BMPC) is an innovative international medical company specialized in Personalized Preventive Medicine and provides the state of art of science and technology with sophisticated system of integrated medical knowledge designed to protect, maintain, improve health and quality of life with a multidisciplinary team providing medical check-ups, nutritional counseling, functional supervised physical activities, lifestyle coaching, stress management, digital health and health educational program with continuously long-term monitored care and preventive advices. A Sophisticated Exclusive Corporate Analysis is performed in order to define strategic immediate and mid-long term planning of BMPC Corporate Preventive Program. This detailed analysis will define the whole preventive scientific-based health program and services necessary to be implemented at the workplace in order to be effective, generating positive health & financial outcomes. The BMPC Preventive Program can include packages of services in Nutrition, Physical Activities, Stress Management, Health Education, Digital Health and Corporate Preventive Advices.

During and after the pandemic, the awareness of the necessity to know how to protect, maintain and improve health properly increased exponentially worldwide.
In order to empower Health Management & Improvement, BMPC provides scientific based Corporate Health Education Series (through corporate events, workshops, webinars, e-learning material, Internal Health Marketing) with key topics in Prevention & Healthy Lifestyle to be implemented at the workplace and in daily life in an effective, practical and joyful way, as it requires a learning process.

Implementing Corporate Preventive services is also part of the corporate risk management strategy as it increases resilience and preparedness for future pandemics. The businesses and its human capital become better protected while keeping high productivity and performance. Prevention is a powerful shelter for lives, corporations and governments.

A healthy work environment and a preventive-oriented approach increases productivity, reduces health care costs, decreases employee turnover and absenteeism, increases employee loyalty and motivation, increases corporate resilience and reputation of the company.

The core business of BMPC is to support and encourage companies to create a powerful transformative and innovative cultural change towards Health and Well-being using Preventive Medicine and healthy lifestyle interventions in an integrated holistic approach to generate strong positive societal and economic impact.

Cecilia Sudo
CEO & Founder of Brussels Medical Prevention Center
Master of Science in Preventive Medicine – Dresden International University - Germany
Member of the European Society of Preventive Cardiology
Certificate in Business “Building, Leading and Sustaining an Innovative Organization”
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Boston - USA