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Luxemburgish delegation visits Energyville site in Genk

On 11th March 2022, a delegation of Luxemburgish experts and public representatives went for a site visit at Energyville in Genk. This was the occasion for experts from both territories to exchanges views on innovation & technology and explore areas of collaboration.

Mr Lucien Hoffmann, Director of the Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) department at Luxembourg’s institute of science & technology (LIST) declared that Luxembourg would like to have such an Energyville structure. He adds that Luxembourg has its card to play in the energy sector.

This wish is expressed through the desire to position Luxembourg as a test-bed as embodied by Energyville in Genk. Indeed, this site is outside the regulation where technologies are tested within houses, companies and small industrial zones. Having such an infrastructure in Luxembourg would allow to test the innovations and technologies developed by the LIST researchers but it could also allow manufacturers to bring their technologies to real conditions on site.

The visit to the site and the meeting with its key partners in Genk allowed Luxembourg to draw inspiration from it to find a way to further advance its technological innovation through a framework that favours it.


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