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Circular Economy : strategies in BE&LU

In February 2021, the Luxemburgish governement presented its national strategy "Circular Economy". Minister Franz Fayot highlighted: "Since the first study in 2014, the Ministry of Economy has recognised the potential of the circular economy for Luxembourg and the opportunities it represents for businesses. In the meantime, many initiatives have emerged and the circular economy has become a government priority. The objective of the strategy and its envisaged actions is twofold: on the one hand, to accelerate the deployment of the circular economy at national and regional level, and, on the other hand, to position Luxembourg as a centre of expertise and an international leader in this field."

In December 2021, Belgian government unveils circular economy action plan. The Belgian government has unveiled an action plan for the circular economy, incorporating 25 measures to be rolled by the end of 2024. The blueprint aims to achieve six objectives: stimulating the market for circular products and services, encouraging circularity in production methods, supporting consumers and public procurement, providing the incentives and tools, helping employees in the green transition, and monitoring the country's progress. The measures will be implemented at a national level and locally by institutions in the Brussels, Walloon and Flemish regions.

Circular economy will be addressed at the occasion of the next onsite event of the BCBL in Brussles. If you yould like to know more, contact us:

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