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Photo credits: Ramborn Cider Co.

Celebrate Tradition: Ramborn Cider Co.'s Wassail Returns to Luxembourg on January 13

Dive into tradition at Ramborn Cider Co.'s Wassail Celebration in Luxembourg on January 13. An evening of cider, music, and orchard enchantment awaits you.

Overview :

Ramborn Cider Co. is reviving the Wassail tradition on January 13th at the Born cider mill to celebrate the 2024 harvest. The event includes the planting of a young fruit tree, a torch-lit orchard tour, a cozy evening with local drink tastings, and a live concert, highlighting Ramborn's commitment to preserving Luxembourg's cider heritage and promoting orchards. Tickets cover Wassail ceremony participation, tastings, a free drink, and a traditional soup (vegan soup option available).

Date : 13 january 2024

Timing : 4.00 PM – 10.00 PM

Location : Ramborn Cider Co.

                   23 Duerfstrooss

                   L-6660 Born

For program details and registration, click here.