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Warehouses de Pauw

Facility & Building Management


Our warehouses with brains help our customers to grow at the heart of their supply chain.


We construct a sustainable shell around the logistics process. With smart warehouses, #TeamWDP and innovative entrepreneurship, we create value for our customers and shareholders.


A home for the supply chain

Warehouses are the linchpin in the supply chain for a sustainable future. These are an indispensable storehouse for the food on our plates, medication when we are sick, the technological gadgets we cherish, and all the other goods that we depend on every day. They help make the supply chain robust and resilient. Our warehouses are a smart and flexible house that helps our customer achieve their operational, social, and climate objectives. They feel at home in the heart of their supply chain. Their home is our home. Our warehouse with brains.

Blakebergen 15
1861 Wolvertem
Tony de Pauw, CEO