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Low Energy Consulting

Architectural & engineering (consulting) / Energy / Environmental Technologies

Our business is the study, design and audit of critical infrastructures of computer rooms (Data centre), the cradle of computing in the DIGITAL world.  We will recommend "THE" BEST solution for the robustness of your infrastructures, the efficient DATA cabling and the quality Wi-Fi network.  We help companies to define their specifications, plans and schedules in order to accompany them on projects in the economic reality.   

Starting from the TELECOM introduction point, the ELECTRICAL and COOLING energy sources, we ensure all the CRITICAL transport of the digital signal to each user through the DATA cabling and the good implementation of the Wi-Fi. We can assist you from the design stage of a building or during a project in order to manage/mitigate the risks of DIGITAL service interruption. You can contact us as a partner in your own projects with added value "risk management" for you or your customers.  

Enclosed, you will find more info on our services; DATA CENTRE Video Clip and On LinkedIN, SURVEY Wi-Fi Video Clip and Read the technical article CAD-BIM DRAWING Video Clip to support companies that do not have this service in-house. 

Rue d'Arlon 3-5
8399 Windhof
Mr Francis Gillard, Data Center Expert