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Environmental Technologies / Insurance

WEO is a start-up focused on providing the tools for organisations around the world to tackle major environmental challenges. We are a team of five experts in business management, satellite data, machine learning and environmental engineering who are intent on revolutionizing how we fight these problems with data.

Extreme heat and more severe flooding caused by climate change are threatening the liveability of our cities. But citizens and governments are fighting back by greening our cities to not only reduce extreme temperatures, but also reduce flood risk, improve air quality, and create nicer places to live. But to step up their efforts they need better data to improve their decision making, track their progress and optimise their effort.

WEO has developed specialised and innovative technologies that take low resolution satellite data and provide detailed environmental analytics. We apply this to open satellite data to extract insights at high resolution and high frequency breaking through the barriers of entry in the use of spatial information which are traditionally high entry costs of this technology and regularity of information. These allow our clients to see for example in high resolution where the hotspots are in their city, where new pavements are causing increased flood risk and how healthy our forests are and how they are growing.

Rue du Laboratoire 9
1911 Luxembourg
Ms Imeshi Weerasinghe, CEO & co-founder
+352 691 14 17 17