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ROLEX Boutique Knokke

Wholesale and Retail Trade

In March 2015, Woertys opened a boutique entirely dedicated to the Rolex brand on the Kustlaan, in the Zoute district of Knokke-Heist.

In keeping with the highest level of quality and service, the Rolex boutique pays tribute to the everlasting nature and the perfection of the Rolex brand.

With a surface area of 135m2, the boutique offers a sumptuous showcase for a wide selection of wristwatches, in particular the Oyster Classic and Professional models, many of which are in 18-carat yellow, white or Everose gold.

The boutique also includes a workshop and an after-sales service department staffed by Rolex-trained watchmakers who guarantee the excellence on which the brand has built its reputation as a leader in the sector.

While the characteristic brand image developed at the Geneva headquarters in line with the Rolex graphic charter is a constant throughout the boutique, the Knokke boutique uses distinctive symbols and signs which capture the essence of this unique retailer. “Given the proximity of the sea and Rolex's long-standing association with the ocean, particularly in terms of waterproofing, the boutique also exploits the theme of the marine universe,” explains the owner of Woertys.

On entering the Rolex boutique, the customer is immediately immersed in an atmosphere inspired by water and the sea, reflecting the very history of the brand, which created the Oyster model in 1926, the first water-resistant wristwatch which marked a turning point in the history of watchmaking. The maple and walnut parquet flooring of the sales area evokes the deck of a ship. The brand's emblematic golden crown adorns the entrance, the walls, the showcases and even the handle of the front door.

The boutique is adorned with the most elegant and refined materials and furniture - polished walnut display cases, bronze fittings, table tops and panels in cream leather, setting the stage for a shopping experience which matches the luxury and refinement of the Rolex watches on display, and the positioning of the Rolex boutique in Knokke.

Kustlaan 253
8300 Knokke-Heist
Catherine Glod, COO