BCBL MEMBER VISIT: SUMY (Sustainable Urban Mobility & Logisitics)

The BCBL is proud to introduce its new Member company SUMY, which is revolutionizing the logistics sector by making it more sustainable and green. On July 16, the BCBL representatives visited the company.


SUMY for Sustainable Urban Mobility & Logisitics, is a sustainable logistics supply chain solution for industrial distributors of temperature controlled products. The ecologistics services that SUMY provides, reduce the negative impacts of freight transport in the city in terms of a reduction of CO2, fine particles emissions, noise and traffic congestion, through collaborative optimization of load factors and local energy use. The impact of running their green delivery vehicles on CNG “Compressed Natural Gas” combined with a noise free innovative refrigeration unit provides a 95% reduction of PM2.5 and 39% CO2 reduction.


Hinde Boulbayem, CEO of SUMY, gave an extensive tour and provided detailed explanations about future innovations and developments of the company. In Luxembourg, SUMY is currently based at the Luxembourg House of Start-Ups.

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