Belgian ‘Travel Magazine’ awards ‘Best Cruise Travel Agent’ to Luxembourg’s We love to travel for the second year running

This year’s prize for “Best Cruise Travel Agent” has once again been awarded to an employee from one of We love to travel’s 20 travel agencies.
Nicole Hausherr, manager of the We love to travel agency in Mersch, received the award for the 2017’s ‘Best Cruise Travel Agent’ from the Belgian ‘Travel Magazine’ on March 20th 2018 at the ‘Schéiss’ Cultural Centre in Luxembourg. Mr. Rony Broun representative of Cunard cruises presented her the award.
A total of six categories were awarded. In addition, Valérie Fonseca and Angélique Baclain from We love to travel were also nominated for awards. Nicole Hausherr on her love of selling cruises: “I’ve had the pleasure of personally getting to know the variety of experiences that cruises can offer. By travelling on different ships and regularly taking part in information events run by the organisers and cruise lines, there’s always something new to learn and that knowledge can of course be passed on to customers, who really appreciate it.”
We love to travel is the largest network of travel agencies in Luxembourg. Previously known as ‘Voyages Sales-Lentz’, the Sales-Lentz Group brand represents the passion for travelling.

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