National Day Celebration - Tasting Luxembourg went brilliant on 22 June!

BCBL members and food&drink experts from Belgium are very welcome to come and celebrate Luxembourg's national day

At the Embassy in Brussels, we celebrated it on 22 June evening with the live tasting session.

These Luxembourg producers are willing to expand their activities to Belgium. They generously and gladly made you taste their products during a unique live tasting and networking session. You can find out how the tasting went thanks to the pictures attached.

Are you a food&drink expert (épicerie fine, reseller, distributor, restaurant, brewery,...) from Belgium? Are you interestes in their products?

Contact us here: bruxelles.bcbl(at)mae.etat.lu

Did you know that 23 June is set as the Luxemburg National Day?

The date has actually changed many times. The country has celebrated the sovereign’s birthday since the 18th century and this tradition was maintained after Luxembourg became a sovereign state in 1815. The date on which Luxembourg celebrates its National Day has therefore changed with every reign.

From 1816 onwards, Luxemburgers celebrated the anniversary of the birth of King Grand Duke William I on 24 April.

Under William II, National Day was celebrated on 6 December.

Under William III, the birthday was celebrated on 17 June, and from 1860 onwards it changed to 19 February.

After Grand Duke Adolphe's accession to the Throne in 1890, the National Day was on 24 July.

Under Guillaume IV, it took place on 22 April.

Under Marie-Adélaïde, the festivities took place on 14 June from 1913 onwards.

When Grand Duchess Charlotte acceded the throne in 1919, 23 January became National Day.

In 1947, the day of the celebration of the Grand Duchess’ birthday was declared a public holiday.

The official day of celebrating the sovereign’s birthday was eventually changed to 23 June in 1961 by Grand Ducal order, which was maintained under the successive reigns of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duke Henri.

The term 'National Day’ actually does not appear in any legal texts: it is referred to as 'the day of the official celebration of the anniversary of the Grand Duke’s birth’.

Luxembourgers commonly call it either 'Groussherzogsgebuertsdag’ (the birthday of the Grand Duke) or 'Nationalfeierdag’ (National Day).

The celebrations start even before National Day itself. The Grand Ducal Family celebrates with the population through a series of receptions and events.

Sources: Monarchie.lu


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